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About Us

Charlie Williams offers twenty five years experience bringing older homes up to date for the needs of their contemporary owners. His finished projects reflect his diverse background that includes restoration, construction, and contracting, along with design and drafting.

Charlie’s expertise in integrating older residences in Louisville with modern amenities is second to none. His reputation is based on knowledge and experience, and the ability to translate the needs and visions of his clients into economical yet aesthetically pleasing structures.

The Process

Charlie measures your existing structure; creates a virtual 3D model using computer-aided design software, and works on the design details on-site with the client using a laptop computer to develop working drawings for bidding and permits; attain zoning variances; local and Landmarks Commission approvals; and certificates of appropriateness, when required. When everyone is satisfied working drawings are produced within a short time frame --and within budget.

Our Toolbox

We use Chief Architect® Professional Design & Drafting Software. Chief Architect is the home design software of choice for 2 and 3D design. It features powerful automated building tools that make home design, remodeling, kitchen, bath, and exterior design easy enough to use, that it lets clients provide real time input during the design process.

Chief Architect was created in 1992 for the professional home design market, was the first, and is, the leading smart object-based 3D CAD system for residential design.

Charlie Williams was an early adopter of CAD drafting software, making him highly respected in Louisville’s residential renovation design and drafting marketplace.